T3 Tech Marketplace

A catalog of all residential real estate brokerage technology categorized by the T3 Tech Landscape.


The T3 Tech Marketplace is a catalog of technology products designed to help residential real estate brokers, teams and agents perform their key tasks, from back office, to marketing, to operations. Each product must be sold separately to be identified as a product in the marketplace. In addition, each product is organized into one of the 42 categories of the T3 Tech Landscape, a framework that organizes industry technology products by how brokerages, teams and agents actually use them. The landscape includes six sections and 42 groupings roughly aligning with how products fit into the real estate consumer sales funnel.

TT3 Sixty works with tons of real estate tech companies in its technology consulting division and through its significant industry research. It has scoured the industry to uncover all the products that should be included. For those who feel a product may be missing or notice an inaccuracy, please fill out the form here or email moc.063t@hcraeser, so T3 can vet and adapt the marketplace as needed, to make it the industry's most accurate, complete database of real estate tech products possible.

Key details about the T3 Tech Marketplace:

  • Products considered include those specifically designed for residential real estate. General products, such as Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft Word, Adobe, etc. are not included.
  • All products are organized according to the T3 Tech Landscape. Some products fit in and are displayed in more than one category.
  • T3 Sixty regularly updates the site on a quarterly basis to reflect changes, additions and tweaks. If you have a change, addition or removal to suggest, please enter the information here.
  • Each product and company have profiles on the T3 Tech Marketplace. Access them by clicking the names of the products or companies.
  • Companies have an opportunity to enhance their T3 Tech Marketplace profiles with logos, sales and demo contacts, videos, copy, and other details.