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Lead Routing System by Connect Now

Your business spends a lot of money on high-quality marketing and resources to generate digital leads. 

The Harvard Business Review Insidesales.com report demonstrated that after 5 minutes, the quality of a digital lead goes down by 80%. 

How do you ensure sales teams are responding to leads quickly and converting them? Just as important, are you able to quickly evaluate the ROI and effectiveness of your top of the funnel. 

The Connect Now platform and mobile application aggregate all digital leads from any source -- your company’s website, portals, contact forms, lead generation sources, Facebook ads, landing pages -- right to a sales rep’s mobile phone so they can respond instantly to warm leads and turn those leads into customers. 

Connect Now’s easily configured lead routing delivers leads to the right representative or their backup, real-time. The analytics dashboard provides business executives and sales managers with valuable information on lead sources and lead follow-up. Consumers get the instant response they demand, salespeople get warm leads that they can more easily convert to customers and keep track of, and business owners and sales managers have visibility into both the sources of their digital leads and salesperson performance.

Connect Now’s solution is easy to set up and integrates with your existing CRM. Customers in Real Estate, SaaS sales, and Automotive use Connect Now to accelerate lead response and convert more business.