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Meaningful Change Through Action

Training & development through action-based challenges, empowering your employees to be their best self.




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Transformation starts with doing.

DareMe administers specific, action-based challenges to help increase your employees overall work performance, wellness, and personal development. By executing challenge-based Dares, we enhance the way your employees become better through doing.


Expand your development beyond the default.

We provide a frictionless platform that encourages organic improvement as a by-product of completing each and every challenge. Our key differentiator is active learning; while webinars or conferences may provide a temporary spike in furthering education, our protocol infuses long-lasting improvement + retention via action.


Challenge yourself, and your team.

Each Dare will focus on one of three core components: work, wellness, or personal development, and takes anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes. Every participant must swiftly upload social proof upon completion. Through friendly internal competition, DareMe creates viral unity amongst employees, supporting as well as rivaling one another.

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