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Why GBR?

  • Homebuyer needs trustworthy data at the time of purchase
  • Critical that information is accurately displayed in a real estate listing
  • Necessary to value green, renewable and energy-efficient assets
  • Reduces liability concerns with data auto-population
  • Single source solution - We connect to multiple data sources, so you only connect to one

Historically, important information on a home such as energy ratings, third-party building certifications or renewable power production estimates (solar panels) have not made it into for sale listings. Thousands of dollars of value could be lost because trustworthy data was not available for a listing agent and potential buyers to react to at the time of sale. That lack of data has also prevented appraisers and lending institutions from accounting for those market reactions.

The Green Building Registry provides a single-source solution for home performance data to the real estate market

GBR was built with the express purpose of capturing this home performance data from its source and providing it to the real estate market so it is available to homebuyers, agents, appraisers, and lenders at the time of sale.

GBR utilizes secure data transfers from the original source of data ensuring its accuracy and legitimacy. We then display this data within the GBR which you can connect to with our secure RESO compliant API.

All home data appearing in the GBR has been evaluated and verified by certified third-party professionals. While each of the national and regional data sources included in GBR have their own rules and process for ‘rating’ a home, all of the information contained in GBR has been confirmed by a trained professional and has met the quality control standards of the relevant certifying body.

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