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Tracy Simmons
Loft47 Technologies
We're about the business of Real Estate. As an expert in enterprise solutions for over 18 years I have seen it all, from fraud to supreme success. I most enjoy the relationships that develop with folks that 'get it'. I work with Real Estate Brokerages, Teams & Franchises

Loft47 by Loft47 Technologies

Imagine running a fully integrated, collaborative and cohesive brokerage. One where you can see all deals in the pipeline, you can forecast your revenues with accuracy, and you can see your daily balance. When agents can see their own projected income instead of coming to you, you can spend less time dealing with paperwork and more time growing your bottom line.

Loft is a commissions management engine that tracks commissions and automates agent fees to make paying out commissions simple. Loft tightly integrates with other real estate applications so you get access to best-in-class tools for your brokerage. We automate the back office so you can stay focused on the business of real estate.

With Loft47 you can:

  • Drastically reduce or even eliminate redundant data entry
  • Instantly access your transactions from anywhere, any time
  • Automate accounting for you and your agents
  • Get your agents paid in record time!

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