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iReal Estate Certification by iReal Estate Pro

The course we’ve developed is all online. The content is fluid—updated constantly as the market continues to change. There is about 7.5 hours of content; broken down into modules that run 3–20 minutes each. You’ll have the ability to go back and review the modules that are important to you. We’ll cover institutions, marketing, how to use the tools we’ve provided, and a full library of marketing tools you can use for your own business.

We have a great add-in for you—a personalized web page for your use. The final piece is our community. That’s important for your ongoing and continued education. We will provide best practices from across the country. Upon completion of the course, you will have an all-

access pass to the iREP information and tools to ensure you are first-to-market and continually updated as we add content to the program.

Course - $499

Continued Education - $49/month -or- $499/annually

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