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LoLo's Local Gift of the Month by LoLo

LoLo’s relationship marketing platform helps sales professionals connect with their clients, contacts and local businesses in a meaningful and impactful way.

LoLo's Local Gift of the Month enables you to stay top of mind with your contacts while providing something of value. It's a great way to gather referrals and repeat business while connecting to the local businesses in the community.


Our motto, “Locals Supporting Locals,” embodies our mission to build thriving local communities that are more connected and therefore more sustainable. People crave that personal connection with the businesses they support. We believe that small businesses are the cornerstone of communities, and sadly, face the most pressure and competition from chains and online spending. 


Unlike typical marketing campaigns that involve small businesses, LoLo is not asking for discounts and coupons which devalue the product. LoLo reimburses the vendor partners for gifts that are redeemed at their location. LoLo costs the small business nothing and brings awareness and foot traffic to their locations. We've partnered with over 2,500 small businesses to help them thrive so that we can Keep the Local Vibe Alive.



  • Stay top of mind each month
  • Strengthen relationships and convey appreciation
  • Support different local vendors in your community

How does it work?

Add your recipients and designate the gift area for each... you’re done!


Set it and forget it - we do the rest!

  • LoLo Curates the monthly gift in each area (Approximate Value of the gift: ~$8-10)
  • LoLo Delivers the monthly gift via email and text message to your recipients
  • LoLo Displays real-time engagement metrics
  • Recipients visit local vendors to redeem gifts

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