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Real estate brokerages and agents have thousands of technology products to power their marketing and real estate office operations. Agent branding, company-generated home buyer and seller leads, and the support brokerages can offer their agents all play a role in the leadership decision. This unique brokerage profile drives the proptech solutions, providing the most return on investment. 

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Technology Needs for Real Estate

If you have a business challenge, we've created a curated list of our recommended real estate technology products and services to help you solve the most common problems. Click on your objective to learn more about the real estate technology products capable of helping you solve your challenge.

Core Technology Solutions

Through its ongoing real estate industry research and thousands of brokerage consultations, T3 Sixty has developed a list of core technology solutions. These tools are the most necessary to operate a real estate brokerage well. The optimal solutions will vary based on a brokerage's operating profile, but the critical proprech needs do not. Below is a list of the recommended core technologies.

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Even with these curated lists of featured proptech solutions, you may be uncertain how to assemble a technology stack to future-proof and reduce the anxiety of making technology decisions. If this is the case, T3 Sixty is here to help.  

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