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The T3 Tech Marketplace is where real estate brokerages find and evaluate real estate technology.

Who Will Use the Technology?

When considering proptech for brokerages, we start by considering who it serves and assign it to a broad group based on whether the tool helps the consumer or assists brokerage operations.

Front-office solutions are directed to the home buyer or seller.

Back-office solutions include systems used to run the brokerage. 

Front Office Solutions
Back Office Solutions

Real Estate Technology Landscape

The real estate landscape is a model for examining and comparing the real estate technologies needed to operate a best-in-class residential real estate brokerage. With over 100 categories of products targeting brokerages and their agents, it's challenging to keep up with the latest technology. 

After hundreds of technology audits, the technology and marketing consultants at T3 Sixty developed the technology landscape to aid brokerages in their decision-making. This model makes it easier to analyze, compare and identify best practices.

Learn more about the Real Estate Technology Landscape and where brokerages spend their technology and digital marketing budgets at T3 Insight.

Technology Landscape

Marketing Funnel

The marketing and sales funnel is a perfect model to aid your team in visualizing your technology stack. It describes a customer's journey when engaging with the brokerage and its agents. To help leadership map technology to strategic objectives, T3 Sixty assigns each category to a level in the marketing sales funnel.  Technologies found outside of the funnel are grouped in the brokerage systems category.

Top of Funnel

These systems generally focus on acquiring new leads and developing those leads into active clients. Learn more.

Middle of Funnel

These systems focus on serving existing clients. Learn more.

Bottom of Funnel

These systems focus on serving clients during the final phases of the transaction. Learn more.

Post Funnel

These systems focus on developing and maintaining ongoing relationships with past clients. Learn more.

Brokerage Systems

These systems focus on improving and systemizing agent workflows and operationalizing brokerage operations. Learn more.

Don't Know Where to Start? Start Here

With over 100 categories and 1,000 products, it can be overwhelming to consider the entire landscape. Our Core Systems narrow the categories to the seven most important systems for operating a brokerage.

  1. CRM
  2. Website
  3. Lead Generation and Routing
  4. Transaction Management
  5. E-signatures
  6. Accounting
  7. Repeat and Referral Marketing

Still Unsure?

If you are still unsure where to start, we'd suggest evaluating your brokerage's technology against industry best practices. Engage T3 Sixty for a Technology Audit; in a matter of weeks, you'll receive a detailed report grading your technology and providing a plan to reduce costs, simplify the number of tools your agents use, and, if necessary, recommend solutions to help your firm reach its full potential.

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