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One Commercial Wharf North, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 2210
United States of America


Lead Management Software.

We Prevent Leads From Slipping Through the Cracks!

The only lead management software that pools together leads that haven’t been contacted. And Immediately sends them to hungry sales reps.


Faster Lead Routing.

Better Customer Experience.

Improved Sales Flow.

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Lead Routing System


June 10, 2021
Lead Capture Plugin Product Update
This month, Connect Now released a product update to our Lead Capture Plugin (formerly known as “CNipIT”). The Lead Capture Plugin is now available in a rectangular format, in addition to the traditional circle. Additionally, we’ve added a “Contact Form” option for when salespeople are not available to connect.
April 28, 2021
New Contact Management Functionality within the Connect Now platform
Connect Now is the mobile app for claiming and converting real estate leads quickly. The platform takes leads from sources and routes then immediately to you. A bunch of recent updates help you manage and work those leads after you claim them.
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