Proxio was founded to solve the new challenges of an old industry. In the modern era, it is not sufficient to practice real estate only in local marketplaces; it is not efficient to rely on printed materials to promote properties; and it is self-defeating not to leverage as many channels as possible to reach potential clients.

To solve these challenges, Janet Case teamed up with Peter Spicer—architect of the 4th largest MLS platform in the US—to re-engineer core business processes and develop digital technology to make marketing and selling real estate more collaborative and more effective. Their goal was to advance the industry by creating a platform to empower real estate companies and agents to connect with each other and share inventory across markets, enabling all participants to expand their marketing reach and accelerate business opportunities.

Today, Proxio’s 100% digital marketing and sales platform has modernized the way real estate entities engage and equip their sales teams and promote their properties. Some of the largest brokerages and builders in the United States and around the world rely on Proxio’s platform to produce beautiful digital marketing materials, distribute and share them with sales teams and clients, generate and track leads, and analyze marketing results.