Juwai.com is a member of Juwai IQI, the largest proptech group in Asia. Juwai means “home overseas” in Chinese. Juwai.com is an Internet marketplace that connects high net worth Chinese with real estate agents, brokers, developers and partners from around the world. We are a consumer driven product company, deploying consumer products in the form of editorial, mobile, web, events, seminars and education to our Chinese buyers and international customers.

Juwai.com dominates the Chinese international property sector reaching over 2 million users each month and delivering over USD$500millon in qualified leads to brokers, agents, developers and partners each month. We have the most comprehensive data and analysis of international Chinese buyer behavior in the world and were the first company to put a dollar value on the global impact of Chinese property buyers on the global property market.

Juwai is the bridge between two cultures, delivering products and services to help Chinese buyers and international customer build a trusted relationship from which they can transact.

Featured in Bloomberg, WSJ, CNN, USA Today, Forbes, The New York Times, CNBC, The Australian, the Financial Times and many other global publications, Juwai.com is at the forefront online advertising with unique and revolutionary products helping Chinese international buyers find international sellers.