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The Real Recruiter

The Real Recruiter

The Real Recruiter, is your all-in-one recruiting technology platform combining technology and specific recruiting strategies, systems, and processes to lower your recruiting fear barrier, increase your activities and dramatically increase your recruiting results.

Prime Features of The Real Recruiter:

  • Multiple office layered structure gives you the capability to see a snapshot of activity from a single office view or an aggregate view of multiple offices. 
  • A career website with multiple value-transference lead capture portals to engage your prospects.
  • Compelling drip email content that has been scientifically engineered to transfer value and facilitate the engagement of your prospects.
  • A weekly webinar/coaching call that delivers training on usage of The Real Recruiter and today’s recruiting and leadership that attract and retain productive agents.
  • An exclusive library of over 200 hours of video from past recorded webinar/coaching calls covering all aspects of recruiting and leadership available to you 24/7.
  • Multiple automated prospecting systems that launch from the backend of The Real Recruiter system and can also be launched from your career website.
  • Fully integrated recruiting specific contact management system/CRM engineered and designed from the ground up and is fully integrated to interact with your career website activity and actions.
  • Every script, dialogue, and objection scenario solution provided to you in The Real Recruiter Resource Center.
  • Value transference based prospecting system that requires a simple follow up call (scripts provided) after you have launched one of the many automated prospecting systems.

Program is bundled with:

  • Recruiting Website
  • Contact Management System
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Business Plan & Confidential Business Assessment Tool
  • Sphere of Influence Analyzer & Time Money Assessment Tool
  • Reporting Systems
  • The Real Recruiter iPad App