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Kathleen Black Coaching

Our Master, Elite Trainers, and Consultants come with an impressive track record. All of our coaches and trainers have worked using our systems with real-life experience. We provide custom consulting solutions by highly trained individuals to ensure you are not getting a page-by-page, reading from a training text, talking head, on the other end of your consulting call. There is nothing worse than great information at the wrong time or weak content when you need a solid system to rely on in your business. For immense success, we know you require custom approaches, from where your business is at now, with a plan to quickly achieve your next milestone.

With certifications in ABNLP NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, Human Potential Energetic Life Map (TM), DISC Trainer’s Certification, KBCC DISC Trainers, Mastery Level KBCC Systems Coaches, and extensive knowledge of personality profiling for recruiting, hiring, coaching and training, we offer a unique spectrum of skills to adapt to your needs and take your training to the next level.

We apply an understanding that personal and professional development are linked and required to reach top levels of achievement. This helps business owners and their teams reach a level of achievement by production, or income, rarely achieved in the real estate world. All this while living a life of harmony between their business and personal lives. Sound too good to be true? Check out our testimonial page and real life track records.

Our highly refined systems deliver a tried, tested, and true return that is predictable for the agents who use them.