Alex Mitchell
Hi, my job is to get you in touch with the right person based on the needs of your brokerage. Let me know about your business and your back office needs and we can put you on the path to automation!

Founded in 2014, Brokermint offers the most complete and easy to use back office platform for real estate brokerages. Brokermint is a robust cloud-based back office solution that allows brokerages to consolidate several legacy back office single task systems. Brokermint integrates with MLS, CRMs, QuickBooks, and Realogy Dash. Brokermint invests heavily in client support, with responsive and knowledgeable customer service, professional services, structured implementation, and an open API. 

Back office automation with Brokermint drives your bottom line. Remove bottlenecks and move your brokerage forward from transaction management through commissions and accounting.