roOomy’s patented technology paves the way for home furnishings retailers, real estate professionals, and anyone interested in interior design to better visualize their space and products through our ability to convert simple 2D imagery into assets that can be leveraged across 3D, augmented and virtual reality platforms at a scale and efficiency unavailable until now.

Finding a new home and the décor that furnishes it is a big decision. With more prospective buyers and renters using digital applications to help with their decisions, nimble visualization tools are more important than ever before. roOomy’s 3D modeling and rendering capabilities enable home furnishings retailers the ability to showcase their products in 3D/AR/VR settings so that customers can “try before you buy,” and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. This content, paired with the ease of shopping online, makes roOomy’s digital asset creation capabilities a critical part of each partners’ e- and m-commerce strategies.

Every day, we strive to ensure that our technology creates content that is the next best thing to real life paired with turn-key, scalable, cost-effective services. We’ve grown our modeling and rendering processes and capacity in a way that allows businesses to easily transform not tens, but thousands of products and rooms, in addition to partnering with cutting edge AR technologies, like Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore.