Tongo gives Real Estate agents instant access to commission income, long before closing. No credit reporting. No late fees. It’s your money, put it to work.

Creating financial freedom for the self-employed

The entrepreneur’s spirit thrives on being more hunter than gatherer. It’s the do-ers and the go-getters with a straight formula of hustle and effort equals paydays. The traditional financial world doesn’t understand that currency. Our old banking system was built around the 1st and the 15th. Predictable salaries and paychecks. That was fine for the 1950’s. It is not fine today.

Tens of millions of American professionals now make up the self-employed economy. Real Estate agents, attorneys, OB docs, graphic designers, consultants, rideshare drivers. Every one is a small business owner. Income can be cyclical, delayed, and volatile. And the imbalance between steady expenses and volatile cash flows makes it harder to reinvest in your business, budget, or save for the future.

Enter Tongo. It’s the new financial program that works like a debit card on future income. Now you can invest in your business – and pay yourself – what you want, when you want it. It gets paid back when you get paid. Tongo is re-aligning the commission economy.


We know this problem. We’ve worked on commission and we’ve been self-employed. Our expertise is in banking, real estate, financial technology, and building brand-new products that turn into category-leading companies. In short, we built this for us. And now can share it with you. Join us.