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Square Yards

Square Yards is India's largest full-stack proptech platform; playing the entire consumer journey from Search & Discovery --> Transactions --> Mortgages --> Home furnishing --> Rentals and Property Management. Square Yards is also building B2B disruptive proprietary platforms for stakeholders such as Developers, Financial Institutions, and Agents.

Square Yards helps transact 15,000+ transactions worth US1bn+ every year, with profitable economics. It is also one of the few Indian startups to have transitioned successfully to the global landscape, with more than a quarter of revenues coming from global markets such as the Middle East, Australia, and Canada.

With the help of Data Analytics and VR tools, www.squareyards.com is trying to disrupt the traditional ecosystem of marketplaces, with a bet on building the first MLS in India. At the same time, adjacent B2C platforms such as Azuro, Interior Company, and Square Capital are scaling up to become category leaders led by significant strategic benefits of playing the entire value chain.