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Centriq Technology Inc

Centriq is transforming the home ownership experience by radically simplifying what it takes to maintain, repair and simply ‘use’ your home. At present, the most expensive thing most of us will ever own is still a labyrinth of mystery and frustration. We burn our Saturdays at the big box store and waste endless hours and dollars just to have our home and the things in it work the way they’re supposed to.  

Centriq cuts through the chaos, giving a voice to the home, telling homeowners: 

  • What they need to do
  • When they need to do it
  • What parts & supplies they’ll need to get it done (and helps them get them)
  • How to do it 
  • And provides easy access to the people that can help (if needed)

Our patent-pending platform is based on the fundamental premise that mobile technology can identify the specific things in a house, via a simple photo of what we call the “nameplate” (that label with make, model and serial number) and put the most useful information, from the manufacturers as well as other users, into the palm of the homeowner’s hand.