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We understand how difficult it is to create and execute marketing programs that help grow your agent's business.


For over a decade, we have helped hundreds of marketers and tens of thousands of agents market and sell millions of listings to billions of buyers. How? With individualized marketing plans created by intelligent humans utilizing artificial intelligence. All of this and a 90-day money back guarantee to boot. But don't just take our word for it…


I've heard from clients I lost touch with for several years and am now closing business with them.

          - Madeleine Romanello, Broker


Partnering with rezora is not just "working with a vendor" - it's a true partnership. They value your input for product updates, respond quickly when you have trouble, communicate changes effectively, and also continually build a best-in-class email marketing platform for Real Estate. A lot of vendors will sell you on the bells and whistles of a relationship and then you find out it's not all green on the other side after you sign. I'm very glad to say that I'm thoroughly impressed that rezora is one of the few partners I've seen across any industry that actually deliver on their promise.

          - SJ Yun, Digital Marketing Manager


We chose Rezora’s email platform because it not only allows our agents the flexibility to easily customize their pieces, but also allows our brokerage to control the image of our brand. We also need performance metrics for our institutional campaigns, which are easy to view on Rezora’s platform.

          - Ryan Raveis, President


I’ve been in the industry for 18 years and I’ve never seen a partner support agents the way rezora does. Their new platform absolutely rocks.

          - Rick Rybarczyk, Director of Marketing


rezora is to marketing what Apple is to computers.

          - Carrie Host, Broker Associate



Stand confident and become a hero by creating award-winning marketing that differentiates your brokerage in your market and industry while flooding your agents with business.


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March 8, 2021
The Big Blog of Email Design Inspiration
With all the marketing emails an agent or marketer will send in their career, it's more than likely a little inspiration will be needed from time to time. These examples are a great place to start to get your creative energy flowing, plus resources for even more good emails.
March 8, 2021
The Best Time To Send An Email According To 10 Years of Data
Each day, the average office worker receives 120 emails, and over 306.4 billion emails are sent worldwide1. These figures might feel a bit overwhelming, but not surprising given email's amazing ROI, accessibility and an increasingly mobile world. But in this opportunity lies some bigger questions for anyone using email marketing; standing out in a crowd of 306.4 billion is no easy task.
March 8, 2021
FREE eBook: Branding To Sell Homes
One of the easiest ways to build a rapport with your audience is to keep your branding consistent. Not only has it shown an increase in revenue, but it's also been reported that over 80% of consumers need to be able to trust the brand before buying from or working with them, making building that rapport more important than ever. That's where a Design System comes in.
March 8, 2021
Using TikTok To Market To Millennials, From a Millennial
As someone who straddles being an old Gen Z'er and a young Millennial, I can attest that TikTok has always sounded like a passing trend where kids these days go to laugh at internet jokes; however once I swallowed my adult-sized pride and downloaded, I discovered something I should've seen coming.
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