Real Estate Agent and Client Satisfaction Surveys for Brokers

Good service satisfies customers.

Satisfied customers make referrals.

And referrals drive sales.

That's How Real Estate Works.

It doesn't matter if you’re a brokerage attempting to recruit an agent or an agent prospecting a client – it all comes down to providing service that exceeds their expectations.

121QA Real Estate Survey Software Gives Brokers a 360° View

There's no longer any excuse for guessing about the quality of service you deliver.

For the first time, brokers are able to identify what specifically it is about their service that drives agent loyalty and which clients are ready to recommend their agents to family and friends.

We’re specialists in tracking agent and client satisfaction and sector-focused on real estate since 2004. 121QA agent and client surveys are custom built for brokerages and teams.  

121QA delivers richer insight than reviews, star ratings and Net Promoter Scores because it recognizes how real estate really works.

It’s used by brokers with RE/MAX, Royal LePage, Century21, Keller Williams, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and the Aventure Realty Network.

Agent Survey: Brokers use 121QA to strengthen their service offering and culture so they attract and keep top producing agents. More than 300+ service solutions makes it easy to find and fix any service problem. Broker scores are benchmarked against industry norms so they know exactly where they stand.

Client Survey: Agents use 121QA to identify those clients who actually plan to recommend them, making it easy for them to focus their attention, service and referral marketing efforts. Surveys capture rich testimonial content that can easily be transferred to websites, blogs and social media.  

121QA is the heart and soul of any referral marketing process.

  1. Mobile survey design and method is based on 35 years of service quality research and real estate best practices.
  2. Survey questions are compatible with standards set by the International Organization for Standardization [ISO] and the American Society for Quality [ASQ].
  3. It takes 3 minutes to complete and 95% of those who start the survey complete it.
  4. It’s the only survey tool with reliable industry norms based on thousands of surveys from brokerages across North America.
  5. It’s available in English, French and Spanish.
  6. Easy to integrate with any cloud-based front/back office or marketing solutions. 

If you’re interested in growing your referral business and getting better leads, contact rob.rogers@121QA.com.