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RealtyServer Systems Inc. was formed in 1998, bringing decades of Real Estate and Software Development experience together to create innovative, full scope solutions for the Real Estate industry. We provide Multi Listing Software to Real Estate Associations internationally, currently providing service in 11 different nations. Our team's dedication to programming multi listing solutions for our industry from its earliest inception, to the mobile era, sets the company apart as a provider that has deep roots but is quick to move with the changing times.

RealtyServer software is designed to optimize efficiency and simplify the technical environment that serves Real Estate Associations, Brokers, and Sales Professionals. The Xposure™ and the legacy INTERFACE™ and INTERFACExpress™ systems, enable users to search, list and manage listings within a well structured environment. The Private Client Services™ (PCS™) solution provides REALTORS® an advantage in client satisfaction and lead generation. The interactive CMA is an exceptional tool which allows REALTORS® to give their clients access to real time data along with market trends. Xposure™ as a whole is a powerful full featured, fully mobile platform, for REALTORS® on the move. RealtyServer is committed to the continued evolution of technology for organized Real Estate, and to exceed the expectations of the end user.