ClosingCorp is the leading provider of residential real estate closing cost data and technology for the mortgage and real estate services industries. It is the only source for actual closing cost data that includes verified rates from thousands of service providers, as well as current recording fee and transfer tax data for every U.S. residential property. ClosingCorp's proprietary database is the foundation for the following groundbreaking solutions:

ClosingCorp Fees: Mortgage lender solution that integrates loan file information, transfer tax, recording data, service fees and lender business rules and requirements, all in a single, seamless process and platform. With one click, and in less than a minute, loan originators can receive actual rates and fees with enhanced logic built in - not estimates.

ClosingCorp Order Management: A single web-based portal allowing lenders to order and receive real estate services from multiple integrated vendors. Integrated data is entered once to order title, appraisal, flood and more - in less than sixty seconds - significantly streamlining the ordering of critical settlement services needed to originate and/or service a loan.

ClosingCorp Fee Engine: A software-as-a-service enterprise solution that captures and manages lender and investor fees at every point in the loan process.

ClosingCorp Data: A data-as-a-service solution delivering property related recording fees, transfer tax and other mortgage-related tax data, state and county recording requirements as well as ancillary fees and other information delivered through our APIs or in fixed file formats.

ClosingCorp Network: A subscription service that is comprised of members delivering critical settlement services needed to originate a loan such as title, settlement, AMC, inspection, land surveys, engineering and 203K. Provider fees are instantly available for quotes and orders.