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Seize the Market

Christine Lee has over 15 years of experience in real estate as a real estate broker, mortgage broker, real estate appraiser, general contractor and investor.

She went from being a new solo agent to a team of 15 and top 1% in her market. She went through the bloodshed of hacking systems together and losing track of leads, wasting time due to clunky, inefficient systems.

She became obsessed with systems.

Christine searched all over to find a system that could help her grow and automate her business but they were all partial solutions. There was nothing under one roof that met her needs. She got so frustrated that she took advantage of her geeky tech background (after all, she is asian right? lol) and created Seize the Market.

That's literally how it happened. Out of pure need and frustration.

In her journey, Christine has been featured as a real estate expert in shows such as HGTV's House Hunters and Bang for Your Buck, radio show host of Getting Real with Real Estate, Homebuyer Magazine and trained and spoken nationally.

She has sold hundreds of homes as well as designed, built, and flipped properties. Her mission is to changes lives by empowering agents to run their business like a business so they can find prosperity in their purpose.

If you've been searching for a system that can truly support your business, look no further. Schedule a demo and see it for yourself.