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The Leading Home Performance Data Service in America

Since 2017, the GBR, a DaaS (data-as-a-service) platform, has provided home performance indicator data to homeowners, real estate agents, appraisers, and lenders across the US.

In order to value the sustainable, renewable, and energy efficiency assets of a home, a homebuyer needs trustworthy data at the time of sale. As more homes receive home energy audits, have rooftop solar and batteries installed, and receive third-party home certifications, it is critical that information is accurately displayed in a real estate listing.

The Green Building Registry has formed data sharing agreements with trusted green data sources across the country. We built an API that can auto populate that data into any multiple listing service in the country. Since the data is coming from its originating source, appraisers and lenders can trust the veracity of the information and appropriately consider it in the valuing and lending stages of home sales and purchases.

Single Source Data

There is a growing number of home performance data in the US market. To date there have been over 140,000 Home Energy Score assessments across the country, and over 2.9 million HERS® Index scores, not to mention other national and regional home certification programs.

We make it easy for you to include this data in your real estate listings by doing the legwork of obtaining data agreements with all of the different data sources and housing them under one platform, GBR. By connecting to our GBR API you can access all of the data we hold on that house from every different source as well as produce an Appraisal Institute Residential “Green Addendum” for any home performance data on that home.

The Green Building Registry (GBR) was built and is maintained by the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Earth Advantage, Inc. Earth Advantage is dedicated to advancing energy efficiency and green building standards, valuation, and data in order to accelerate the adoption of super-efficient and sustainable homes across the country. To learn more about our mission visit our overview page.