eRelocation initially began when a successful real estate brokerage went out into the marketplace to find a better solution than they subscribed to at that time. Not being able to find what they needed to run more efficiently, they developed it from the ground up. Quickly, other companies noticed and began to show an interest in eRelocation, as they too saw the limitations in what they were using to manage their department.

eRelocation does more than simply track referrals for a brokerage. Used properly, it is designed from the ground up to be a department's "one-stop" for everything related to every referral. In a Web 2.0 AJAX fashion, Individual referral information, document management and storage (contracts, invoices - anything that used to sit in a paper file), referral updates, agent performance metrics and much more - are all available in no more than a few clicks.

We are strong believers that technology for the sake of technology does no good. However, eRelocation focuses on creating greater efficiency with technology for benefits such as:

  • Automating as many day-to-day tasks as possible through Action Items. Action Items can be combined and created up front, so that frequent tasks can be performed with just a couple of quick clicks. Whether the net benefit is a reduction in staff, or staff that can focus on more important items, the result means more to your bottom line.
  • Unique agent "scorecard" model that automatically calculates a "score" for all agent performance for a given time period. Can be used for future referral placement decisions, or as a "carrot" to perform better on future referrals and be rewarded with additional referrals. Completely customizable by each brokerage, can focus on any of the important items to you: referral conversion, preferred mortgage, title, insruance and warranty conversion, BMA variance, update timeliness and more.
  • Includes unlimited login accounts for staff, branch managers, or even Agents. Customizable security roles to define access restrictions - reporting, viewing referrals, editing referrals and more. Further restrictions can include referral source (category or affinity), office or region. Allow anyone within your company to view what you allow from any web browser, any location.
  • Automatically import internet leads from an unlimited number of sources, as soon as the customer submits a web-form.
  • Unique "attachments" feature is a full-featured document management solution. Long-term retention, document classification, and even the ability to share certain (chosen) documents via a public URL link. Also allows unlimited revisions of each document without deleting prior versions. A paperless relocation department has never been more attainable.
  • Efficient collaboration through our unique QuickSend Forms allows your Agents to submit any sort of update or appraisal form, via PDF, using only the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, without the need to mess with file attachments. And when a form is submitted, it immediately gets attached to the customer (automatically) in eRelocation for long-term retention
  • Third-party website integration using eRelocation Sync, requiring just a couple of clicks..
  • Many update forms can be easily sent to 3rd party sites (such as Cartus Broker Center and many others with just a couple of clicks.
  • Powerful ad-hoc reporting using our Advanced Referral Search - allows you to quickly search, sort, group and subtotal referrals to find the information easily. If you're looking for something more precise or complex, choose the fields needed and then export to Excel.
  • Easily assign tasks among team members using follow-up flags, or easily fill in for another team member while they're out.

This is just a small sample of all that eRelocation can bring to your Relocation Department.