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Andrew Coca
Founder & CEO
Evolved Technologies
Real Estate + Technology

Evolved Technologies

Your Real Estate Technology Team

Evolved Developers Understand:

Mobile and Web Software Products

We will help you from start to finish with the design, development, and deployment of web or iOS and Android mobile applications.

SSO Functionality (MLS and Vendor)

We've worked with OIDC and SAML Single-Sign-On, IDP dashboards, RESO API creation, and custom vendor integrations.

RETS and Web API Data Retrieval

We've worked with hundreds of RETS and RESO Web API feeds and are experts in data mapping and standardization.

Showing Service Interoperability
We led the team that placed first in all categories of the 2021 Showing Choice Hackathon.
Data Mapping and Sanitization
We are accustomed to cleaning databases that have gone awry as well as mapping fields from multiple sources.